Month: February 2018

Jellybean Project – Easy

Jellybean colour bleed This project is all about jellybeans – Yum and a little yuck, but mostly yum for the kids. It’s really simple and something to leave the kids to do by themselves.     Instructions Place jelly beans around the plate at the edges.  Pour a small amount of water around the rim of the plate.  Watch with amazement as the colours bleed.  Gobble up the jellybeans.  Time Difficulty...

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Fast Nature Journaling for days on struggle street!

When the days have turned into struggle street and the jobs are endless, and ground hog is only a sleep away – take a break.  One of my favourite breaks for the intense moments in my families life, is to step off out, grab ya nature journalling bag and start looking.  Gather the kids, tell them that “we’re going on a nature walk” or “lets go outside and do some journalling”.  If the kids are really small, and maybe the not so small, i love to start with “we are going on a bear hunt…”  Kids love it and...

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3 places to avoid in Wanaka

Ok we So if you are popping into Wanaka and you want to get off the beaten track, but don’t have a boat, jetski or anything else to get you to the real secret amazing places. 3 places to avoid this summer Forget the Wanaka tree, it isn’t famous by any locals.  Look past the tree, the picture is nice but walks a couple of hundred metres up the track and you can go get yourself a scone at Edgewater, its a nice little walk and the scones are yum.  You may have to wait 20mins for them to...

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10 Birds to spot in your backyard

This is our bird MomoBubbleTrouble. He is a delightful additon to our family. Bird spotting is a enjoyable past-time in our family.  Not because we are nature geeks but because I wanted the kids to know their surroundings, where they are from, what is familiar and a place to call home.  Often i remember sitting in school learning about some overseas mountain or city, yet i had know clue what the bird was that was wattling in the trees outside or that the brown bird outside wasn’t a hedgesparrow?  How embarrassed was I when I travelled overseas, not actually...

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13 signs that made me think my kids are dyslexic

Lots of people think that Dyslexia is all made up and the kids that can’t read well will just grow out of it.  My brothers still haven’t grown out of it and they are in their 40s. So far we have 3 kids with learning differences that severely effect their ability to improve in reading and spelling like most other kids.  Despite their persistent, diligent effort they find reading, writing and spelling very difficult.  They have to bring their A game to the table, and then it feels like little reward for so much effort. My hope is that this will give you a key to help with diagnosing your kids, but please remember Dyslexia or any learning difference is not a black and white subject.  It sort of feels like a mind-field – argh!  But don’t worry you can make good progress and implement some really neat ideas at home and for your child.  REMEMBER these children are amazing little people, with big futures and so much to give to the world with their own unique and intelligent way of being. So when i finally said enough was enough, i’mto get my kids tested. 13 signs Trying really hard and making very little progress. Trouble learning and remembering basic frequently used sight words.  the, to, can, on etc. Always mixing up the b, d, p, q and 9,...

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