This is our bird MomoBubbleTrouble.  He is a delightful additon to our family.

Bird spotting is a enjoyable past-time in our family.  Not because we are nature geeks but because I wanted the kids to know their surroundings, where they are from, what is familiar and a place to call home.  Often i remember sitting in school learning about some overseas mountain or city, yet i had know clue what the bird was that was wattling in the trees outside or that the brown bird outside wasn’t a hedgesparrow?  How embarrassed was I when I travelled overseas, not actually knowing much about where i was from?  Yes we have a flightless bird, the kiwi and a dinosaur lizard but what made little old NZ unique and home? So I have set out to teach the kids what is familiar to them.  And from there i hope, when they travel they will have something to share with others, but most importantly because they have learnt to observe and look at there surroundings. They may just find similarities and diversity, and that their travels will be much richer for it.

10 Birds to look for

  1. Sparrow
  2. Hedge sparrow
  3. Blackbird
  4. Myna
  5. Song Thrush
  6. Wax eye
  7. Fantail
  8. Bellbird
  9. Redpoll
  10. Tui

We have some pretty amazing birds in our backyards.  They may not be the fancy, pretty birds you find other places.  But some of them are uniquely ours, and some of them you will find them anywhere you travel. However just because they are plain to look out, watch and see as they are filled with personality and life.

Happy bird spotting

If you are interested in teaching the kids about our naturally environment in a fun family way, check out flippymcflipface