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Art Class One – Cool Transfers

Today in Art Class with a wonderful tutor Jenny Sutherland we did some cool transfers.  I don’t have a good photo of anything just yet, but essentially you see something out of a magazine, cut it out and put contact paper on it, place in water for 10 mins, then gently rub the back so that the papery stuff comes off, when you are happy with the result, allow to dry then glue it onto something and make it look super cool.   Check this site out for some more help…   DIY Clear Contact Paper Transfers!   12 Easy...

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Jellybean Project – Easy

Jellybean colour bleed This project is all about jellybeans – Yum and a little yuck, but mostly yum for the kids. It’s really simple and something to leave the kids to do by themselves.     Instructions Place jelly beans around the plate at the edges.  Pour a small amount of water around the rim of the plate.  Watch with amazement as the colours bleed.  Gobble up the jellybeans.  Time Difficulty...

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Fast Nature Journaling for days on struggle street!

When the days have turned into struggle street and the jobs are endless, and ground hog is only a sleep away – take a break.  One of my favourite breaks for the intense moments in my families life, is to step off out, grab ya nature journalling bag and start looking.  Gather the kids, tell them that “we’re going on a nature walk” or “lets go outside and do some journalling”.  If the kids are really small, and maybe the not so small, i love to start with “we are going on a bear hunt…”  Kids love it and...

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3 places to avoid in Wanaka

Ok we So if you are popping into Wanaka and you want to get off the beaten track, but don’t have a boat, jetski or anything else to get you to the real secret amazing places. 3 places to avoid this summer Forget the Wanaka tree, it isn’t famous by any locals.  Look past the tree, the picture is nice but walks a couple of hundred metres up the track and you can go get yourself a scone at Edgewater, its a nice little walk and the scones are yum.  You may have to wait 20mins for them to...

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10 Birds to spot in your backyard

This is our bird MomoBubbleTrouble. He is a delightful additon to our family. Bird spotting is a enjoyable past-time in our family.  Not because we are nature geeks but because I wanted the kids to know their surroundings, where they are from, what is familiar and a place to call home.  Often i remember sitting in school learning about some overseas mountain or city, yet i had know clue what the bird was that was wattling in the trees outside or that the brown bird outside wasn’t a hedgesparrow?  How embarrassed was I when I travelled overseas, not actually...

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