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The Membership

Fresh Ideas.

Real Life.


Unlock More Time for YOU

Utilise Chores, Jobs and Schedules so everyone gets extra time to invest in themselves.  Including MUM – more time to find you again.

Household Calm

Identify problems in the household, and solve so you don’t anxiety goes right now, and happiness goes right up!

Fitness, Firm, Flexibility & Fun

Learn how to take charge of your bodies fitness, firmness and functionality now and into the future. Find your groove in your body.

Food to Nourish & Enjoy

Ideas, inspiration and advice from our home to yours.  Mealtimes bliss and good healthy eating.


Find your family groove and go be the amazing family you were made to be… and it doesn’t have to look like mountain climbing.

And Much MORE>>>>

This membership caters for the community, where we help solve your pressing problems….


Marriage Friendship

Marriage can be full of joy and full of struggle.  We have good insights, ideas and revelations to get that loving feeling back.

Loving Your Kids

As the seasons roll by learn how to keep the connects strong while allowing them to grow and become themselves.


Learn great tools to help you try again after failure or disappointment so that love and forgiveness is a well tread path in your family.

Accepting Difficult People

Some people are just difficult..  Learn compassion and empathy and how to communicate so that love stay front and centre.

Community Hugs

Find a project to extend your love towards others and help your family become less inward focused.  Lots of good vibes here!


Its what makes a memories and anticipation for the exchange of love throughout the year


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Learn how to organise your learning at home so that everyone enjoys being together.

Understanding YOUR kids and how they learn

Find out about your childs needs and wants, how they think and what they need to enjoy leanring

Start a big hairy homeschool project

Because we homeschool we get to do things differently. I will walk you through a process to identify what will bring life, inspiration, and anticipation to your projects big or small.

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Organise all the resources

Find out all the equipment, resources and learning that makes learning at home easy breezy.  Also what needs to go and what stays.

Do we put the kids back in school

A heart to heart on the reasons, seasons, rhymes and choices.

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